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* Tuesday April 1, 2003

Jeff: Walking on the Belongil Beach in Byron Bay watching the clams get washed ashore and then dig themselves back into the sand.
Kelly: Going to my first yoga class with Jeff.

Least Favorites
Jeff: Finding a "whole lot of nothing" to watch on TV (even though now we have about 13 channels whereas in Sydney we had only three!).
Kelly: Falling asleep at 10 p.m. on the sofa.

* Monday March 31, 2003

Jeff: Leaving Sydney and moving on to our next adventure.
Kelly: Arriving in Byron Bay and getting to our apartment without incident.

Least Favorites
Jeff: Kelly being miserable.
Kelly: Being miserable on the long 13 hour train ride from Sydney to Byron Bay because the car was so cold.

* Sunday March 30, 2003

Jeff: Getting a better idea of what we are going to be doing over the next couple of weeks (ten days in Byron Bay, ten days unknown, ten days in Adelaide and ten days in Melbourne, coming home early on May 7th from AU rather than NZ).
Kelly: Repacking my bags so that the backpack had all the light clothes and the green wheelie bag had the heavy items.

Least Favorites
Jeff: Being cooped up for yet another day in the apartment.
Kelly: Spending all day researching on the net (until 5 p.m.) before we had a plan for the coming days (an apartment and train ticket).

* Saturday March 29, 2003

Jeff: Helping Kelly figure out what she's going to be doing when we return home. Spending several hours on the net researching businesses for sale.
Kelly: Hanging around the apartment reading books on owning and operating my own business.

Least Favorites
Jeff: Ditching our plans to go out to Manly Beach (yet again).
Kelly: Becoming rather discouraged about my future.

* Friday March 28, 2003

Jeff: Going out for "after-work" drinks with the FindLaw folks at a local pub near Darling Harbor.
Kelly: Meeting an Indiana couple Joan and Mike on our walk to the lighthouse at Watson's Bay.

Least Favorites
Jeff: Not doing the after dinner clubbing scene cuz we were too tired.
Kelly: Being flocked by aggressive seagulls while we were eating our fish and chips in the park at Watson's Bay.

* Thursday March 27, 2003

Jeff: Wandering around the Rocks district and walking to the top of Harbor Bridge Pylon which had a great view of the harbor and Opera House.
Kelly: Reading the ten year (1922 to 1932) history of the making of the Harbor Bridge.

Least Favorites
Jeff: Getting to the ferry building at 2:05, purchasing our tickets to Watson Bay and missing the ferry by minutes. Then we discovered there wasn't another ferry until 3 p.m. and the last return ferry from Watson's Bay was at 4 p.m.
Kelly: Getting off the bus back to our apartment too early and having to walk several blocks.

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