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* On 04/28/03, Dad & Mom in Staten Island said:
Good to see your journal entry, but didn't see any new pictures. Guess we'll have to wait until you get back to the states. The internet is good but not perfect! We miss your entries of Favorites and Least Favoriets. Glad you guys are comming home. Hope the "early" doesn't mean that you are miserable. We're looking forward to seeing you both and hearing first hand about your exploits.

Lots of Love & Hugs

Mom & Dad

* On 04/28/03, Amy in Pennsylvania said:
My computer finally let me view your site. It had been a while since I last visited, but I feel caught up somewhat. By now, I guess you are making plans to come home, but I am not certain of exactly when that will be. Thanks for the e-mail, and I sent you one back. Easter Sunday was a gorgeous day and I went to SI to spend the day with folks there; Mom had a total of 9 for dinner. Missed you. (Oh, and the Easter Bunny did not hide any eggs this year. Ha ha.) Spring is finally here and we are at 77 degrees, or 25 degrees if you are into the metric thing now! I counted today, and there are seven weeks left before I am out of work, so the job hunt thing is high on my priority list these days. So far, no openings anywhere I have looked; at least I have not had any rejections yet!! Take care, and enjoy what is left of your adventure. See you in a few weeks!

* On 04/14/03, Staten Island Mom & Dad said:
Glad (make that relieved) to hear from you. Also glad you guys are finally relaxing. Now we parents can all relax a bit too. Looking forward to seeing you as well as your photos. We're all still virtual stowaways so keep the updates coming; even if they're just to chitchat. Love ya both! Mom & Dad

* On 04/11/03, Jan (and Pops/Dad said: it "down to us parents now"???? Where is everybody? Hi, Staten Island Mom and Dad! We had spring here in the mountains of CA and then it snowed. Spring returned for a week and we're expecting snow again this weekend. Out here winter isn't over with until it snows on the dogwoods, which are just coming into bloom. Pops (Kelly's dad) was concerned about the kids and SARS. I don't think he needs to worry, based on the kids' location(s). Love, JJ

* On 04/08/03, Mom & Dad on STATEN ISLAND said:
Well we had more snow yesterday. We are ready for spring. Glad to hear from you guys. How come no nice journal like in NZ. We enjoyed taking a virtual trip with you. Hope you get rested up and have an enjoyable few weeks of Australia. We do look forward to you guys getting back to the States again. Also look forward to seeing you when you come East.

Love Dad & Mom R.

* On 03/26/03, Pops & JJ (Dad & Jan) said:
Hi You Two:

We returned from our trip yesterday. I have not had a chance to catch up on all your travels/photos yet. I did look for you on the news that was covering the war protests in Australia and was happy to not see your smiling faces. We did not make connections with Kevin/Kurt in Phoenix. The weather wasn't all that great at the time and we didn't want to stay in one place for three weeks waiting for them to arrive. Besides that, we simply got our "schedule" ahead of itself. It's good to be home again. Pops is doing mighty fine. Until the next time.........Love, Jan

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