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* Wednesday, April 30, 2003

Melbourne, Australia

Our last night down under. We're leaving tomorrow morning at 11am or something like that to travel for a loooong day. Its been a ton of fun, but we'll both be glad to be back in the states, nearly home (you see, we can't move in quite yet..) and well, done with vacationing (its more work than it looks.) Fortunately, Kelly's SF condo is available for a few weeks so we can crash there until the house is ready and we won't have to impose on all our friends and family.

See you all soon.. we look forward to boring you all in person with endless tales of our adventures :)

K & J

* Monday April 28, 2003

We left Adelaide on Tuesday and drove to Melbourne over five days. We drove the Great Ocean Road and stopped at various spots along the way. We now remember why we were so exhausted after our six weeks of traveling in the RV in NZ!

We finally have been able to update the pictures. There is now the rest of Sydney and Byron Bay on the website. Hopefully we'll get Adelaide up before we leave AU which will be on Thursday (May 1). We've decided to come home a couple of weeks early. That will be entertaining too because Kelly's house is not yet ready to move back into...oh well...we are both looking forward to getting home.

* Easter Sunday, April 20, 2003

We are enjoying our stay in Adelaide. We went to a couple of wild animal parks and saw many kangaroos. We had no idea that there are so many varieties of them: reds, western greys, wallabies, ratkangas and more. The larger ones (reds and greys) we were able to pet (we even saw a little joey with his head popped out of his mum's pouch!). The little ones (about the size of a rabbit) are noctural and not as used to humans so we were only able to observe them. However, the highlight of our visits was the koalas. Kelly had her picture taken while holding "Lucky."

One day we meandered through the Barossa Valley and purchased several bottles of wine. The wine tasting reminded Kelly of the "old days" in Napa Valley where they would let you taste as many wines as you wanted vs. today when they only let you taste the four "wines of the day."

Yesterday we went to the Oakbank Horse Racing event which is a highlight for the Easter weekend. Out of five races (and many dollars cuz we were betting on doubles and trebles) we only had one winner and he placed. It was a beautifully warm day though and we enjoyed ourselves. Jeff says he is going to have to study the odds before going back to the track though.

We are not entirely sure what we are doing tomorrow. We are supposed to check out of our apartment and head down to Melbourne. However, since tomorrow is a holiday (Easter Monday - and catch this Good Friday is also a national holiday -- wouldn't you just love to work down here!) many things are closed and we are not sure what plans we can book. So perhaps we'll stay another day and head down south on Tuesday. We'll let you know.

- K & J

P.S. We are still having difficulty finding a place to upload the pix so it may be a few more days until they are on the website.

* April 13, 2003 - Adelaide, SA

After much relaxing and loafing and yoga and surfing in Byron Bay, we finally headed out. Rather than get back on the train (which would have been late at night, cold, and we would have had to transfer to a bus for half the trip) we rented a car to drive up to Brisbane for a brief overnight stay, then we flew out to Adelaide yesterday. We'll be spending a little over a week here.

Byron Bay was a nice relaxing stay. Jeff finally got around to taking some surfing lessons, so he'll be all ready to hit Surfer's Beach (right down the street in El Granada) once we get home. Of course, the water will be a little chillier back in California...

We've been having a little trouble finding a place where we can upload all our pictures, but we'll get them up eventually (tho that might be when we get home). As for our day-to-day journals, well, we've been going at a much more relaxed pace in Australia, so the journals would be alot duller. It'll just give us something to talk about with all of yous once we get back home :)

Lots of love J & K

* Sunday, April 6, 2003

We left Sydney by train on March 31st. The train ride was 13 hours! It would have been more fun if they had only turned down the air conditioner. Kelly was freezing! We've been in Byron Bay now for six days and haven't done much more than eating and yoga. Jeff has ideas about taking surfing lessons but hasn't yet. Byron Bay is a rather bohemiam town with many hippies and young college types. It is a very relaxed atmosphere.

Our plan is to stay here through Thursday and then travel to Brisbane (again by train) which is about three hours away. We'll hang out there for the weekend and then fly to Adelaide. We'll tour in and around Adelaide and then make our way down to Melbourne. It is unclear whether we'll fly, train or drive. Since United no longer flies out of Auckland (they cancelled that route about a week ago) we decided to fly straight out from Australia. We are planning to come home early (probably by May 1-ish) and fly directly from Melbourne. Although we are still enjoying our trip we are homesick and with the war and SARS scare we feel it would be better to be home.

Love to all that are still reading our journals.


* Wed, March 26 2003


We're still kicking back in Sydney, and we've still got another few days to go here. Yesterday we met up with some of Jeff's coworkers from the Sydney office and some of Kelly's friends who are on holiday here for a few weeks. It was fun to get to chat with people on a more personal level.

We did finally get around to uploading some more pictures, so the rest of the photos from Taupo (NZ) are finally up, as well as our adventures in the Whitsundays.

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